Joshua offers two different sessions:

  • 1-hour healing session (online)   Suggested donation 88 Euros
  • 1-hour healing session (live)        Suggested donation 111 Euros
  • channelings   Suggested donation 11 euro's


If you would like to book a session, please email Joshua to book a date and a time. 

Online group meditations:

Joshua also gives group meditation sessions once every two weeks. In these he helps you to feel Christ's divine energy. Joshua will guide you inwards, take you on a journey to your innermost feelings into a state of inner peace and happiness. Every group meditation lasts about 45 minutes, including various types of meditation, short teachings and moments of reflection and insight.

For the moment, these sessions will be given online by Joshua himself or together with one of the Unity of Love meditation trainers.


Follow Joshua online on instagram to be updated on the latest meditations, @jj.lord.

Send an email to, for invites to group meditations.

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