John Troost

John Troost, founder of Unity of Love has trained in the arts of energy and frequency for the last 15 years. A master on all aspects of energy healing, reading souls and the inner child. To put John's healing sessions into words: returning to you true self on a celular level. All your emotional imprints and trauma's will be released, and the self healing capacity of your body and soul will be fully restored. Healing will be emotional, spiritual, mental and physical.

Joshua Lord

Joshua is gifted in the arts of energy healing. He has a natural gift of feeling, healing and seeing energy. A healing session with Joshua would be taking a shower of golden light and washing your self clean from blockages/energy that holds you down. He will take you upon a magical healing journey into your deepest core, pure love will remain.

Jolanda Bot 

Jolanda is the most pure channeler connected directly to the Divine energy and to several guides like mother Maria. A session consists of personal message or reading from the guides about who you really are and where you are heading. A mirror session to connect to your soul is also very valuable. 

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