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"I have used your breathing exercises as well as the Golden Shower meditation session. Loved every bit of it! I could envision a waterfall of bright white light flowing within me, as well as purple and gold lines at the sides. Elevated my energy level for sure!"

Alida talking about her experience with the Master Key Source of Love premium exercises

Bron van Liefde

Wilt u deze sleutel-oefening toepassen op uw leven?

Ondersteun Unity of Love en ontvang onder andere deze prachtige oefening (5x) als blijk van onze dank.

Ik heb interesse!

The solution to the crisis:
Premium Training Video Pack!

Use the exercises in this pack to raise your vibration above illness and virusses, putting a halt to the system of restrictions -ending the crisis once and for all!

We offer the Premium Training Video Pack from our hearts.  But if  you decide to donate, you help us keep the website up-and-running, enabling us to create new free content for you every week.

With this pack, you are able to take yourself to the next level! We use 5 video trainings to boost your immune system and raise your energy levels.

This pack will help you:

  • Access the Source of Love
  • Achieve the highest frequency
  • Boost your immune system

More Content Soon!


Key premium exercises -such as high-energy and full protection- will be published this week!

Kind Regards, 

The Unity of Love team

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